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Commissioning Specialist and Agent

Commissioning Specialist and Agent

Commissioning Specialist (CxS) is a Malaysia's independent, third-party expert who serves as an objective advocate of the owner, directs the commissioning process, and presents final recommendations to the building owner regarding the performance of commissioned building systems in order to achieve green certification under the Malaysia's Green Building index (GBI).

Similarly, Commissioning Agent (CxA) is generally contracted directly to the building owner as a third party independent representative to ensure unbiased performance of the CxA. The CxA is responsible for leading the managing the project commission process (design and/or construction) and works closely with the design, constructio, operation teams in a co-operative work environment that focuses on teamwork throughout the building's design, construction, and post construction to achieve the USA's Leadership in Energy and Environment Design (LEED) green certification.

Green Building Accredited Professional (AP) & Facilitator (GBIF)   Cofreth has in-house trained Accredited Professional and GBI Facilitators (GBIF) for Green Building rating system's such as Malaysia's GBI.

Cofreth Energy Efficiency Programme

The role of a Green Building AP or GBI Facilitator is to facilitate the project team towards achieving the GBI accreditation level desired by the Owner, taking into account the owner's need to achieve environmental and energy targets within reasonable costs. The GBIF works together with the owner's consultants throughout the project, and prepares the requisite documents for submission to GBI.

Cofreth has good experiences in consulting for numerous projects, including being appointed the GBIF for the 1st GBI Platinum rated Mosque in Malaysia as well as serving as the GBIF during the successful recertification of a GBI Gold Data Centre in Malaysia.

The 1st GBI Rated Office Tower Building in Malaysia

The 1st Green Certified Data Centre in Malaysia

KL Eco City

Kuala Lumpur International Airport 2

Renewable Energy

Renewable Energy

Our company is one of the few to embrace a whole spectrum of the renewable energy industry; biomass, wind generation, geothermal, hydraulic, solar, mined gas, non-recyclable waste and waste-derived combustibles.



The need to reduce the release of green-house effects gasses enhances the environmental value of cogeneration. Within the context of electricity deregulation and in order to optimize energy bills, cogeneration has been one of our major fields of expertise.Its applications fall into three general categories; industrial, climatic and dispersed installation. Although cogeneration is at its infancy stages in Malaysia, we have elevated awareness and its significance across the nation through Built Operate & Own (BOO), Built, Operate & Transfer (BOT) and contracting.

Cogeneration offers benefits such as:

  • Increasing energy efficiency up to 90% (conventional power generation is usually only 40-45% efficient)
  • Lowering emissions of greenhouse gasses such as CO²
  • Reducing fuel usage
  • Improving energy ergonomics
  • Solar Thermal Technology

    Solar Thermal Technology

    Solar thermal technology refers to the process in which energy from the sub – rather than from fossil fuels – is converted into thermal (heat) energy for industrial and commercial applications. Not to be confused with Solar Photovoltaic (PV) systems that are often placed on roofs or on solar farms to generate electricity, heat from solar thermal systems are primarily used for heating applications. These may include pre-heating of boiler feed-water or process hot water, swimming pool heating and powering up solar cooling systems among others. Solar thermal systems drive business value through reduced utility bills (as solar energy and not fuels are used for heating fluids) and meet Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) declarations through reduced carbon footprint.

    Our large arsenal comprising more than 100 measurement and logging tools and instruments enable for trending the consumption pattern of our Client’s heating application needs. Coupled with our years of experience and pool of multi-disciplinary professionals, we are able to right-size an appropriate equivalent solar thermal system to suit the needs of our Clients.