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    Ability to lead people to meet work programme and deadline, maintaining discipline, work standards and morale.
    1 2 3   4 5 6   7 8 9   10 11 12   13 14 15
    Fails in leading people   Somewhat below in   Meets objectives in   Effective in leading   Very effective in
    to meet objectives;   leading people to   leading people.   people to achieve   leading people to achieve
    morale and discipline   achieve objectives and   Morale and discipline   objectives; maintaining   objectives; maintaining
    are poor; subordinates   maintains morale and   are just average.   morale, discipline and   high morale, discipline and
    lack direction.   discipline.       work standards.   work standards.
    Ability to establish priorities, allocate resources and anticipate future requirements.
    1 2 3   4 5 6   7 8 9   10 11 12   13 14 15
    Totally disorganised   Noticeably disorganised   Adequately organised   Efficiently organised and   Completely organised.
    and does not establish   in some areas; but   and allocates resources   actively sets priorities   Far exceeds standards
    priorities and allocate   attempts to allocate   most of the time, but   but needs help in   of adjusting to
    resources at all. Poor   resources.   sometimes fails to set   meeting changes.   unexpected changes.
    organiser.       priorities.        
    Handling general administrative matters, documentations and data control e.g. correspondences, reports, requisitions, drawings,
    etc. promptly and accurately.
    1 2 3   4 5 6   7 8 9   10 11 12   13 14 15
    Poor in handling   Minimal in handling   Satisfactory in handling   Good in handling   Excellent in handling
    administrative matters;   administrative matters;   administrative matters;   administrative matters;   administrative matters;
    shows careless attitude   at times shows careless   rarely fails to keep   thorough in maintaining   up-to-date in his records,
    in maintaining records,   attitude in maintaining   records, reports,   records, reports,   reports, correspondence,
    reports,   records, reports,   correspondence, etc.   correspondence, etc.   etc.
    correspondence, etc.   correspondence, etc.            
    Quick grasp of new problems and situations; getting to the root of problems, shrewdness, acumen.
    1 2 3   4 5 6   7 8 9   10 11 12   13 14 15
    Lacks ability to grasp   Has the desire to grasp   Grasps new problems   Good in grasping new   Exceptionally good in
    new problems and   new problems and   and situations but lacks   problems and situations   grasping new problems
    situations and get to   situations but has limited   the ability to get to   and getting to their roots.   and situations and getting
    their roots.   ability to pursue the   theri roots. Lacks   Insight is limited.   to their roots. Has great
        problems and situations.   insight.       deal of insight.
    The extent to which profit and cost aspects are taken into consideration in projects and assignments.
    1 2 3   4 5 6   7 8 9   10 11 12   13 14 15
    Totally ignores profit   Sometimes does not pay   Generally sensitive to   Sensitive to profit and   Extremely sensitive to
    and cost aspects. Poor   attention to cost   profit and cost in his   cost most of the time.   profit and cost in his
    in setting up and   aspects in his decisions.   considerations. Able   Good at setting up cost   decisions. Exceptionally
    ensuring cost controls.   Has limited ability to   to set out cost controls   controls and enforcement   good in setting up and
        successfully set up   but lacks ability to fully   generally satisfactory.   enforcing cost controls.
        controls.   enforce.        
    Ability to express on paper e.g. reports, correspondences, instructions, etc. are clear and concise.
    1 2 3   4 5 6   7 8 9   10 11 12   13 14 15
    Poor, inadequate   Has difficulty producing   Able to handle normal   Writes clearly and can   Very good expression on
    command of basic   normal letters, memos   routines.   independently handle   paper. Very proficient in
    language.   and reports.       letters, memos and   language.
    Ability to listen effectively, communicates persuasively, clearly and directly using a variety of communication skills.
    1 2 3   4 5 6   7 8 9   10 11 12   13 14 15
    Sometimes does not   Occassionally has   Generally listens to   Listens and understands   Very good listening skills
    listen to others. Poor   difficulty in listening and   others. Self-expression   others. Speaks well.   and self-expression.
    self expression. Not   self-expression.   at acceptable level.       Speaks with confidence.
    Sets expectations, conducts performance planning and review with subordinates consider training and development; ability to
    obtain harmonious and effective work teams.
    1 2 3   4 5 6   7 8 9   10 11 12   13 14 15
    Doesn't pay attention   Very little attention to   Sets minimal   Pays attention to   Ability to train and
    to performance   performance planning   expectations with   performance planning   develop people is
    planning and   and development of   subordinates on   and development of   outstanding; has
    development of   subordinates; does not   performance planning   subordinates; obtains   enthusiastic support of his
    subordinates; has little   counsel well; has   and development;   good cooperation and   people. Conducts thorough
    respect and   passive support of   subordinates perform   maintains effective work   performance planning
    cooperation of   subordinates.   routine work   teams.   and review with
    subordinates.       satisfactorily but not       subordinates.
            unusual or difficult        
    Ability to negotiate and get things done internally (subordinates, peers, other departments, superiors) and externally (customers,
    other stakeholders).
    1 2 3   4 5 6   7 8 9   10 11 12   13 14 15
    Lacks the ability to   Frequently succeeds in   Succeeds fairly well   Has the ability to   Always comes out as
    convince the other   internal negotiations but   in internal negotiations   negotiate and get things   winner in internal or
    party through   lacks skill in negotiating   but sometimes fails in   done internally or   external negotiations.
    presentation of facts,   and building rapport   external negotiations.   externally, most of the   Effective in building
    arguments and   externally.       time. Builds good   relationships with external
    rationale.           relationship with external   parties.
  10. TEAMWORK :
    Ability and willingness to work with others (superior and co-workers) in harmony.
    1 2 3   4 5 6   7 8 9   10 11 12   13 14 15
    Antagonistic and   Inclined to do own work;   Usually works well   Helps others; better than   Extremely helpful; full
    complaining;   minimal co-operation;   with others; acceptable   average cooperation;   cooperation; exceeds
    uncooperative;   occasionally interrupts   co-operation.   maintains team work.   expectations to stimulate
    disturbs co-workers.   work schedules.           team work with co-
    Has knowledge and demonstrates high level of willingness to comply with organisational Quality, Safety and other policies and
    1 2 3   4 5 6   7 8 9   10 11 12   13 14 15
    Resistant to   Complies only when it   Policy conscious.   Has good knowledge of   Consistent high and broad
    compliance. Direct   suits individual.   Ensures self adherence   policies. Encourages   knowledge of policies,
    negative contribution   Contribution towards   to policies. Meets   others to follow policies.   widely recognised. Willing
    towards Quality &   Quality & Safety scores   requirements in   Extra effort put in   and able to persuade
    Safety scores.   at low levels.   positive contribution   towards achieving   others to comply.
            towards Quality &   positive Quality & Safety   Exceptional contribution
            Safety scores.   scores.   towards Quality & Safety
    Achieves desired outcome with a minimum of avoidable errors, problems and rectification woks as well as a minimum
    consumption of resources such as time, money and materials.
    1 2 3   4 5 6   7 8 9   10 11 12   13 14 15
    Work output below   Inconsistency in work   Work meets   Work usually exceeds   Work consistently exceeds
    expectation. Error rate   output. Error repeated.   requirements with   requirements. Thorough   requirements. Exceptional
    high. Work tasks often   Work tasks sometimes   little error rate. Work   and effective output.   output. Work tasks always
    late.   late or left incomplete.   tasks usually completed   Work tasks sometimes   completed ahead of time.
            on time.   completed ahead of time.    
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